Practice Paradise is… A Fast, Fun, Easy and Effective Way to Practice Speaking English and Improve your English Speaking Skills!


Exercise your English Speaking Muscles.
Get Some Energy and Motivation!

If you want to... Build your Fluency & Train your English Speaking Voice,
If you want to... Stay Motivated and get some Energy,
If you want to... Have Fun with your Output Training,
If you want to... Level Up your English so that you can Level Up your Life,
If you want to... Stay focused on your goal and continue to practice,
If you want a... Fast, Easy and Effective Way to Practice Daily and Improve,
THEN… Practice Paradise is for you!

You have studied English grammar and vocabulary. Now, it's time to Train your English Speaking Muscles.

Introduction to Practice Paradise:

To get good at the piano or guitar first you must learn the basics. Then you must diligently practice it over and over. And then in the end... your fingers move smoothly and you can play the instrument. It’s the same for learning English.

More than to just gain English knowledge, the goal should be to have English smoothly come out of your mouth.


Are you ready to improve your English Speaking Skills?

Just Get Started and Keep it up!

Believe in your own potential.

Set a Goal that gets you excited and motivated. 

Stay Focused and enjoy the daily process. 

Have Fun! but… Keep challenging yourself. 

If you are persistent and consistent you are Bound to Succeed!

Open your mouth and start PRACTICING!

Work on your: 

Have fun with your OUTPUT TRAINING
That is what I am trying to help you with. :)  

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The Key to Excellent Spoken English and the Motivation to DO IT!


If you’re a beginner…
it will help you develop good pronunciation habits
from the start.

If you're intermediate…
it will help you correct errors, speak more naturally,
and increase your confidence.

If you’re advanced…
it will help you reduce your accent
and help you sound more like a native English speaker.


Who is English Coach Chad?

Hi, my name is Chad.
I am an English Speaking Practice Coach.
I use my 20+ years of English teaching experience and I make training videos to help you practice speaking English. I get you motivated and excited about practicing English. Together we will exercise your English speaking muscles. I want to help you improve your English speaking ability. 

Here's some personal information about me:
I am 46 years old. I got married when I was 27 years old. My wife is Japanese. I am the father of two little girls. Age 11 and 7.  I am the oldest of six brothers and sisters. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona USA. I lived in Mexico when I was a little kid. When I came back to the U.S. (2nd grade) I could not read and write English. Other children teased me. Maybe that's why I became an English teacher? When I was a University student, I studied International Relations. I went to Japan during this time. I was looking for work as an English teacher. I needed to pay for my school tuition and I wanted to gain international experience.  I live a very humble lifestyle, but I love what I do! I am dedicated and sincere about helping you. Practice Paradise is my life work and passion. Come join me on this adventure. I'm building a super library of amazing English Speaking Practice lessons. I'm always improving and making new videos for you! This is going to be an incredible tool for you to Speak Excellent English. I will continue to give you my very best. Daily!

I want to help you become a better English speaker!

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Practice Paradise
Exercise your English Speaking Muscles