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2,500 Video Lessons
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2,500 Video Lessons
in 45+ courses! 
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Many English learners get stuck at the same English speaking level. Practice Paradise is a GREAT SOLUTION to this problem! I will be your English Speaking Practice Coach. Together we will work on your: pronunciation, flow, intonation, rhythm, recall, accent, pace, accuracy, linking, reductions, enunciation, and more... We will train to Speak Smooth Clear Correct English.


Exercise your English Speaking Muscles.

My dream is to make the world's biggest and best English Speaking Practice Course!

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Improve your English Speaking Skills while you improve your Life! 
Develop a Fun Daily English Speaking Routine.

You will get Instant Access to all 2,500+ Video Lessons in 45+ courses!  + NEW LESSONS - 10,000 steps🎶 I wake up every morning and make an English lesson for you! 🎶 Let me show you a Fast, Fun, Easy and EFFECTIVE PATH to FLUENCY!  Make English smoothly come out of your mouth! I will be your English Speaking Practice Coach. Step-by-Step... 
Let's Improve your English Speaking Skills while we Improve your Life! JOIN ME FOR YOUR DAILY ENGLISH SPEAKING WORKOUTYou can do English speaking practice at anytime! You get your own personal online library with progress tracking. Coaching Videos, Updates, Q&A and Motivation. There is a script for each video so you can copy the text. Get the option to download all the videos. Get audio only mp3 files of all the lessons - download to take with you. Get unlimited access from any computer or mobile device.  My dream is to make the world's greatest English Speaking course. I work hard every day to make Practice Paradise an Amazing Training Tool for you. You can login and practice from anywhere at anytime. New lessons added daily.



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Only $98
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